Villas Punta Secca - Santa Croce Camerina Villa rosso corallo a Punta Secca Montalbano

Garden, outdoor verandas, welcoming house, sea and...

10 beds

Garden, outdoor verandas, welcoming house, sea and breathtaking sunsets.

New villa very a few steps from the famous beach where is located the Casa del Commissario Montalbano, in Punta Secca, in the province of Ragusa. Ideal for families and large groups of friends.

Completely renovated between 2017 and 2018, the villa consists of two completely self-contained apartments, has more than 200 square meters of garden and there are several outdoor verandas - one of which can be used as a parking space - that allows you to find a relaxing corner , where you can enjoy freshly roasted food in the barbecue. Each apartment, equipped with an anti-theft system, has completely new furniture.

The proximity to the beach, to the center of Punta Secca, to the supermarket of the village and to a large space where to park, make the villa a suitable place to spend their holidays under the banner of relaxation, fun and breathtaking sunsets.

Vacanze in Villa nella spiaggia di Montalbano, prenota adesso l'estate 2023 in Sicilia e risparmia

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