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Itineraries and Special Offers in Bologna

Discover Bologna area, Bologna is sited on the historical Via Emilia Between the mountains and the lowlands. A city with truly ancient roots,

Holidays in Lampedusa (Pelagian Islands, Fantastic Sicily Beaches)

If you came in Sicily you must visit The Pelagie Island have a name with greek origins: pélagos > paląghios, that means "leaving in the open sea",

Cagliari is the hub of Sardinia

The name of this town has got a very old origin and it is supposed that even the nuraghic civilizations called the town Karal or Karallai. The name

Holiday in Salento

Holidays in Salento means wanderful holiday The chief town of the province is Lecce, "the Florence of Southern Italy". It is a town where losing

Itinerary Crotone, What to see in Crotone

Holidays in Crotone, Tours end visit History Croton was an Achaean colony from c. 710 BC on the coast of the the Gulf of Taranto, that became a