Hotel Siracusa Ortigia Vacanza benessere a Siracusa

Welcome in Sicily in the art of Syracuse a serene ...

from € 129,00
6 beds

Welcome in Sicily in the art of Syracuse a serene Oasis of luxury.

With its enchanting views, satisfies the romantic reputation of the legendary cradle of Greek civilization, chest of architectural and cultural wonders and cutting-edge art scene. It is located 2 km from the island of Ortigia, 2 km from the Neapolis Archaeological Park and less than 5 minutes' walk from the picturesque cycle path.

Our suites ideal for who wants to relax or wonderful holidays in Sicily.

Immersed in the natural light, a unique stay experience, on the blue Syracusan sea and incredible views of the legendary island of Ortigia. We are waiting for you, to make you live the most beautiful and safe experience of staying in a place full of history

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