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Week End Cosenza (Holidays in Cosenza)


Holidays in Calabria, Visit Cosenza

The Civic Museum of Cosenza

This museum is located in the city of Cosenza on Piazza XV Marzo. Here you can admire remains from various areas in the territory of ancient Cosentia, including prehistoric material such as blackvarnished pottery and bronze objects. There are also 105 oil lamps from Roman times discovered in Cerchiaradi Calabria (Cosenza) and material from the burial grounds of Cannuzze.

The cathedral of Cosenza

In the historical center, the 12th-century Cathedral, one of the most interesting and best conserved sacred buildings in Southern Italy. Reconstructed after a disastrous earthquake in 1184, it was solemnly inaugurated in 1222 in the presence of emperor Frederick II of Swabia. The facade in the original Romanesque-benedictine style, has three gothic portals and three rosewindows. The inside of the church is divided into three naves, and contains the fine chapel of the Madonna of the Pilerio, patron saint of the city, beautiful frescoes, the sepulchre of Isabel of Aragon, the sarcophagus of Meleager.