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Week end Reggio calabria - What to see (Excursions)


Holidays in reggio Calabria, Excursions

Reggio di Calabria:

Following the traces of ancient civilizations: from the National Magna Grecia Museum of Reggio Calabria, which holds the bronze warriors famous all over the world in addition to a rich collection of finds coming from the ancient Rhegion and neighbouring areas, to the temples and sanctuaries of the archaeological area of Locri Epizefiri, to the excavations of the rich and powerful Sybaris, the largest city of Magna Grecia after Taranto.

National Museum
This museum is located in the city of Reggio Calabria on Piazza de Nava, 26. Archaeological collections from the digs carried out in Calabria since the end of the 19th century with a section of modern and medieval art. The lower floor is dedicated to underwater archaeology with anchors, amphorae, pot­tery used on board, and the famous Bronzes of Riace discovered in 1972. In the halls dedicated to prehistoric times, there is pottery of various shapes and workmanship. The second floor holds the Byzantine art section with decorative architectural ele­ments. There is also a collection of paintings, some from private collections.