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Welcome to the most beautiful island in the world...

Welcome to the most beautiful island in the world, where an excursion in Sicily will extend your life. Infact, in addition to the spectacular sea, typical products and delicious food, you can find the most active volcano in Europe and one of the most active and studied in the world, a volcano, in the center of the Mediterranean, which has fascinated famous directors, singers, painters, and who has masterfully been able to draw profiles, dig rivers, modify cities, sometimes destroying them but at the same time, make the very fertile "land", thanks to the continuous contribution, with ash and lapilli, of minerals.

The passion of Trekking in Sicily with the desire to promote the territory, discover, explore and excite, the passion for the colors, scents and landscapes of this land.

With this spirit we will lead you in the most surprising experience you have ever had on Etna , certainly also thanks to our magnificent "mother", whom we call in reverence, "She, The Mountain".

It is important that the excursions in the Etna park we do, as well as with expert environmental hiking guides, with those who were born and raised in the mountains, with those who have always breathed the scent, rejoicing and trembling during earthquakes and eruptions.

To this we must add many insights, study, passion and a lot of experience in excursions, but it is not enough, in fact, to accompany guests to discover the natural beauties of Sicily and leave feelings in the guest, first you must having experienced and experienced them multiple times.

Only in this way it is possible to transfer these emotions to the guests , passing these almost through their own eyes.

It is not possible to visit the foothills of Etna, without bringing with it the aromas and flavors of typical products of Etna , such as oil, honey, pistachio and especially liqueurs and the wine. Etna doc wine are highly appreciated in the world, especially for their particular organoleptic characteristics that make them distinct and recognizable from other Sicilian wines.

It is clear that those who have the pleasure for the first time of visiting Eastern Sicily , are fascinated by the great volcano, but beauty in Sicily is everywhere and therefore, we promote and divulge the landscape and natural beauty, architectural and ethno-anthropological features of the whole territory of eastern Sicily, the Nebrodi Mountains , the Peloritani mountains , the magnificent Alcantara gorges and much more , being able to offer tailor-made excursions ,

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Etna excursions on offer, easy for families but also for the more adventurous.

We can make tailor made excursions (minimum 2 people), with free transport from the place of appointment and also on request, we offer Trekking boots, poles and jackets rental, details on request. We offer discounts for large groups and for families with children.

Trekking Etna-Cave-2002 - (Medium level - length 6 hours)

Very scenic excursion to North Etna, the wildest side of Etna, less touristic, more humid, with spectacular views of the Ionian coast and the Peloritani Mountains. We will visit, at a slow pace, the 2002 eruption theater, from the ruins of the "Le Betulle" hotel, to the "Bottoniera" craters that arose, walking right on the edge of one of these lateral eruption craters. After a tasting of typical products, we will move to visit, equipped with a helmet and a front torch, a "flowing lava cave", an ancient snowfield of Etna, where in the summer the snow was kept for the storage of food and the preparation of the sicilian ?granita? breakfast.

Trekking Etna-High-Cave - (Medium level - length 6 hours)

Magnificent path (up to 2,150 m.) in the "Serracozzo" district, in Etna Nord, immersed in the beautiful Etna birches that only here, find a refuge from the hot weather. The path leads to one of the wonders of Northern Etna, the "Serracozzo cave", one of the most beautiful ?lava flow caves? of Etna because of its particular shape in the initial stretch. After the exploration of the cave, equipped with a helmet and a front torch, we will head even further up to "Serra delle Concazze", one of the unique view in the spectacular "Valle del Bove", an immense lava container, generated by the collapse of an old volcanic building of Etna. Here the soul remains lost for a moment considering the imposing proportions of this Valley, which is impossible to see from the coast. You can enjoy a view over the entire Ionian coast, from Taormina to Catania. We will complete with a tasting of typical products.

Etnawine-doc excursion (Easy Level - length 8 hours)

Path between wine and Etna, an inseparable union. Ever since Homer's writings, Etna has been linked to the goodness of wine, wine with which Ulysses deceives the giant Polyphemus. A story, that of the Odyssey, that takes place between the lava, the caves and the Etna wine. We want to repeat the same path, a visit to the lateral craters of Etna, the Sartorius (Nord) / Silvestri (Sud) Mountains, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Ionian coast, a visit to the "lava flow cave", equipped with helmet and torch and to finish , conclude the afternoon with a visit and tasting in the cellar in Castiglione di Sicilia, on the North side or in Zafferana, on the South side, lands par excellence of Etna-doc production.

Etna-South-Sunset excursion (Easy Level - length 6 hours ? afternoon)

Mamma Etna is always beautiful and charming, but in the late summer afternoon, like a beautiful woman, who in the evening prepares to make herself beautiful for her man, she becomes "magnificent" and takes on colors and shades that cannot be forgotten. EtnaSunset is an easy excursion that allows you to combine the beauty of the volcano in the afternoon, with an easy trek to the lateral craters present at Etna Sud at an altitude of 2,000, a visit to a "lava flow cave" but also to discover the unique colors of the sunset volcano, a mix of spectacular emotions from the highest active volcano in Europe.

Etna-Sud-2900 Excursion (Easy Level - length 6 hours - afternoon)

The best that can be enjoyed on the highest active volcano in Europe. An excursion that will surely leave you with strong emotions in your heart and eyes. Using the Etna-Sud cable-car and subsequently the powerful Unimog4x4, we will reach the 2,900 meters altitude to enjoy the magnificent view of the summit craters. From the point of arrival, you can admire, in great detail, the new south-east crater, NSEC, in all its grandeur and the panorama downstream is incredible. We will walk on the edge of the craters of the 2002 side eruption. We will descend and after the snack-lunch, at the cable car bar, we will visit a "lava flow cave" equipped with helmet and front torches.

Etna Excursion - Barbecue -2002 (Medium Level - length 8 hours - minimum 4 people)

Intense excursion in survival style, with spectacular views of the Ionian coast and the Peloritani Mountains. The places are those of the 2002 eruption, called "the perfect eruption", one of the most explosive eruptions of the last 100 years and also the most destructive. Along the path it is possible to admire the "Pietrecannone" and deepen the North East Rift, a weakness of the volcano on the North side. Grilled meat at the Timparossa Refuge or alternatively in the pine forest, in an equipped area, accompanied by good Etna wine, liqueur and typical sweets.

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