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Offers Week End Savona - Albenga Itineraries

Vacanze in Sicilia un sogno per molti. From Balestrino to Albenga A secondary street leads to Balestrino, whose feudal origins are denoted by a

Offers Last Minte Imperia - Pornassio

Colle di Nava The itinerary continues up the high valley, amongst olive groves, which begin to give way to vineyards. Beyond Pornassio (the castle

Genova Holidays, Offers and Itineraries

Genova Holidays, Offers and Itineraries City of art and metropolis looking onto the sea, Genoa has grown up around the city's port - a natural

Genova Itinerary

The great aristocratic villas of Genoa and the surrounding area have bequeathed to the city's residents large green spaces that today are open to

Itinerary Imperia

Liguria Itineraries: Imperia and Albenga Nestled within the territory of Albenga, a spiritual center of great renown since the fifth century,

Itinerary Savona

The Savonese area is home to precious handmade goods created by families of artisans who for centuries have handed down secrets, techniques, and