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Egadi Islands fantastic Sicily itinerary

Holidays In Egadi Island An island group of southwest Italy in the Mediterranean Sea west of Sicily. A Roman naval victory over the Carthaginians,

Lipari Islands (Holidays in Eolian Island)

Lipari Islands Emerging precipitously from the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, the Isole Lipari were created when erupting volcanoes rose from

Holidays in Taormina

Taormina Beach and Sun TAORMINA AREA, IN THE EAST SIDE OF THE SICILY ISLAND Sicily?s most famous resort town, Taormina, was the 19th-century

Palermo Itinerary (Holiday and visit in Palermo)

The province of Palermo comprises eighty-two cities, many of which boasting a remarkable historical, cultural or naturalistic importance. Palermo, the

Holidays in Lampedusa (Pelagian Islands, Fantastic Sicily Beaches)

If you came in Sicily you must visit The Pelagie Island have a name with greek origins: pÚlagos > palÓghios, that means "leaving in the open sea",


CIANE AND "SALINE" (SALT-WORKS) The source of the Ciane river, known since ancient times, forms a small lake dedicated to the nymph Ciane. Papyrus


AGNONE BAGNl A beach several kilometers long in the coastal region of the Gulf of Catania, well furnished with restaurants and pizzerias.

Itinerary Catania

It is one of the big Sicilian towns wich has incomparable privileges of tourist centre; it is, in fact, with its position at the slopes of the biggest

Surrounding Catania

The first of the three itineraries recomended to tourist leads, across the famous plain to Catania, to Caltagirone country of the most typical of