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Week End Cosenza (Holidays in Cosenza)

Holidays in Calabria, Visit Cosenza The Civic Museum of Cosenza This museum is located in the city of Cosenza on Piazza XV Marzo. Here you can

Itinerary Crotone, What to see in Crotone

Holidays in Crotone, Tours end visit History Croton was an Achaean colony from c. 710 BC on the coast of the the Gulf of Taranto, that became a

Week end Reggio calabria - What to see (Excursions)

Holidays in reggio Calabria, Excursions Reggio di Calabria: Following the traces of ancient civilizations: from the National Magna Grecia

Holidays in Cosenza (excursions Rossano)

Rossano: Possible Trips within Calabria St. Mark Oratory The St. Mark Oratory (10th century, originally entitled to St. Anastasia) is the most

Itineraries Catanzaro (holidays in Catanzaro)

Offers Week End Catanzaro - Calabria Catanzaro, founded by the Byzantines in the 9th Century to control the mountain pass between the Ionian Sea